Cards of Thanks


An amazing event happened on the evening of Sunday, April 21. The worship teams from seven local churches combined to form one team with one goal. They led more than 250 people in praises to our Lord Jesus Christ at Centerpoint Church. I would like to thank those from Grace, Pagosa Bible, Restoration Fellowship, Amazing Grace, Cowboy Church, CrossRoad and Centerpoint churches for their time, talent and desire to pull together as one people to praise and worship God. It was a night to remember. For all of those who missed this event, there will be another PraiseFest in a few months. Be sure to come. Your heart will be changed.

Susan McAdams


Death at the Danbury Inn Murder Mystery was successfully solved thanks to the teams of derby sleuths who enjoyed great fun while supporting the rescue horses of LASSO.

Local LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) cast entertained guests with an intriguing plot.  Many thanks to each of the cast for your hours of preparation.  Boulder Cafe and Silver Dollar Liquor, thank you for your contributions.   Members of St. Patrick’s church, your support is always greatly appreciated.  A big thank you to Dave and Janet Richardson who make all LASSO events a success with your help and gourmet cooking.  Thank you, members and supporters for making this fund-raiser a fun and total success.  Happy trails!

This story was posted on April 25, 2013.