Cards of Thanks


The Pagosa Springs Boys’ Baseball Team and their coaches Jim Fait, Jim Henderson and Bill Manzanares want to say thank you to all who have donated so far to our fundraising campaign — We especially want to thank the following donors: Dawn Haase, Sara Scott, Bob and Lisa Scott, Branon and Ravelle Snyder, Nancy Gilbert, Amy Mendelsohn, Kevin Haase, Karl and Joanne Irons, Heike Vogel, Ronnie Lohr, George and Marlene Guevara, Mark and Angie Dahm, Ron Fundingsland, Muriel Eason, Rebecah Ziegler, James Bailey, Mark Purvis and Kate Petley, Betsy Cotton, Chris Richter, Patricia Shoffner, Veronica Vierling, Laura Daniels, David and Lana Grey, Anthony Carter, Jerome Smith and Sally High, SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts, GJ Duran, Cheric Duran, Don Ford, Kalei Pitcher, Rich and Leanne Goebel, Mike and Marianne DeVooght, Chris and Kathy Harker, Todd and Melissa Shelton, Lori Manzanares and all the parents and families who are working to help our baseball team be successful.


We would like to thank and recognize the Ross Aragon Community Center staff and volunteers for being true philanthropists for community nonprofits. Their Dance for Families was a great success, raising money and recognition for many valuable programs helping families in need. Thank you for all your hard work and ingenuity.

Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program


We would like to share our heartfelt thanks with the entire Pagosa Springs community (Danna never met a stranger). The love and support provided by all our friends and neighbors during this time and past years has been overwhelming and will never be forgotten. She fought the good fight.

The Family of Danna Laverty

Kurt, Benellen, Allison, Mason, Johannah, Jesse and Caleb

9Health Fair

There is always an abundance of “thank yous” in The SUN and the Pagosa Springs 9Health Fair would like to add their share of thanks to all of the 200 volunteers, 16 Interactive Education Centers and 10 professional medical screeners who made the April 6 fair such a success.

The mission of a 9Health Fair is to promote health awareness and encourage individuals to assume responsibility for their own health. That was successfully accomplished in Pagosa when approximately 520 participants took advantage of six different low cost blood tests resulting in over one thousand blood screenings. In addition, 9Health Fair volunteers checked blood pressure and pulse for approximately 230 participants. Throughout the day, there were 43 spinal screenings and 31 breast exams provided. Sixty-four people had their vision checked, 46 participants had their hearing evaluated and oral screenings were provided for 55 fair attendees. 9Health Fair volunteers measured height, weight and body mass index for 86 participants and 67 people took advantage of the body fat skin fold analysis.

It is impossible to name each and every volunteer who made the Pagosa fair such a success, but without their commitment, there would be no 9Health Fair in Pagosa. We are fortunate in our area to have all of the elements of a flourishing 9Health fair; volunteers performing their assignments with a smiling face, and a community willing to support their local fairs. Thank you to all who participated. Everyone’s involvement is appreciated.

Caroline Brown

Girl Scouts

Daisy Girl Scouts would like to thank the following sponsors of our Easter Bunny Bash: Four Seasons Land Co., Shear Talk, Southwest Elegance Gallery, Pagosa Springs Hot Springs, Ace Hardware, Kit & Caboodle, The SUN, Methodist Church and Thrift Store, Subway (uptown), Upscale Resale, City Market, Antique Store, Sherman Williams, R U Feeling Crafty, and Ponderosa.

This story was posted on April 18, 2013.