Cards of Thanks

Nordic Club

The Pagosa Nordic Club would like to thank all the generous volunteers that made our weekend Nordic Fest X-C Ski Races a success, and braved the winter weather setting up and conducting the race event, especially Dan and Gwen Bartley, Jennifer Martin, Doug Call, Bryan Sickbert, Nancy and Michael Ray, Richard Compton, Derek Farrah, Betsey Cotton, Larry Lynch, Dana Stone, Lindsey Kurt Mason, Norm French, Vallerie Moller and everyone else. Also, a big thank you to the Pagosa Springs Golf Course for allowing the use of the golf course for this year’s race events.

All the event participating racers had a wonderful experience and encouraged the Pagosa Nordic Club to continue this and all of our additional race events during the winter season.  All of your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated.


Epiphany pictures shot the feature film “Cowboys and Indians” during two weeks in Pagosa. Not only did the town itself provide the movie with beautiful mountains and idyllic spring views — the people of Pagosa did, too.

Producer Athena Lobit and director Ian McCrudden couldn’t have done it without the following people:  CJ and Neil at Quality Inn (the Quality Inn breakfast team of Angel and Margarita made each morning a glorious one), Stephanie Jones, Matt Poma, Matt Jones, Coy and Terry, Father Doug and Sally (wonderful times and dinners, both at church and elsewhere, provided by Jeff, Susan, Michaela, Diamond Dave and Animal), Laura at the Pagosa Center for the Arts, Upscale Resale and Dale Morris.

There were two children that came along with the movie and without the help of Lynne and Michael McCrudden we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. And maybe Pagosa elementary saved you a little by allowing the boys to go to school for a bit while they were there?  Ms. Mayo and Ms. Moore — thank you! If we have forgotten to mention someone here, please forgive us. Better to forget on paper than in heart.

Who knows where the next adventure and movie will take place — but I do know that if the script calls for wonderful people and a beautiful town — Pagosa will get the call again.

Annica McCrudden


The thunderous crash of the snow sliding off the roof of Casa de Los Arcos last week reminded me of the Housing Authority’s good fortune of having a new great roof. We are grateful for our shelter.

Thank you to our Colorado Division of Housing for the grant that provided the funding for the entire project. Thank you to Tracy Reynolds and Brad Ash of Reynolds and Associates for their pro bono engineering work. Thank you to Larry Walton, the Archuleta County procurement officer, who plodded through mountains of tedious regulations, to Robert Kern, the deputy county attorney who did the same. Yes, it is their job, but it was done in their evenings and weekends. Thank you to Durango Roofing for swiftly and efficiently building our excellent roof.

Lastly, thank you to Mark Young of At Your Disposal. Not only did he donate the two roll offs (huge refuse containers), he moved them many times at our convenience sometimes at 4 in the morning. Throughout the project, he fielded resident complaints and assisted them in non-related tasks, all with neverending patience and humor.

Jodi Halstead


The Pagosa Pregnancy Support Center thanks its favorite local Penguin, Kevin Muirhead, and all of his generous sponsors for over $2,000 raised through Kevin’s participation in the Penguin Plunge.  It is because of you that we can continue to accomplish our mission to strengthen individuals and families by providing pregnancy testing and support, life-skills training, ultrasound, and abortion recovery, all in a caring and safe environment.


Pagosa Springs, a small town where you can dream big.

Last summer at cheerleading camp, Savanna Madden and I were chosen from 200 cheerleaders from Colorado and New Mexico. We had no idea there were scouts in the camp, so we were surprised when we were handed invitations to go to Orlando, Fla., to be at a Cottage Bowl game with 300 other lucky girls from over 40 states, all performing to a country superstar in the halftime show. Sounded too good to be true at the time, but a seed was planted and five months later with some guidance and lots of love and encouragement, we were there in Orlando — Disney World, Universal Studios and best of all, a star-studded halftime show. As promised, all our hard work had paid off. Dare to dream big, make a plan, stick to it, believe in yourself and the extended Pagosa family and you, too, can realize a dream. Both our mothers will never be the same (thanks, moms). An account at a local bank was set up by Ron and Valarie who love me dearly and Orlando was no longer a dream but a destination.

We would like to thank all the friends and extended family who helped us get to our 2013 goal. Bless you all. The Capital One College Bowl was nationally televised and there had to be 60 or 70 zillion people there. “Go Pagosa Pirates, we are Pagosa.” Thanks to all the businessmen and women in our town who shared our dream. We love you so much! Thanks to Jim, Jeff, Jim Smith and Co., Cindy and the ladies at both Rotary clubs, Brian Smith, FolkWest, Jester and so many other loving friends too numerous to list. All were right there in our hearts. Special thanks to Ron and Valarie who have always believed in me, and our moms, of course. Pagosa you rock!

Larissa Turner

This story was posted on February 14, 2013.