C.O.P.S. concept

Dear Editor:

Carl Smith is running for the Republican nomination for Sheriff of Archuleta County in the primary election on Tuesday, June 24.

Carl has been a professional law enforcement officer for over 36 years, 24 years in San Diego. There he became expert in investigating major crimes such as homicide, child abuse, drug enforcement and property crimes. Over that time he not only received six commanding officer citations, and 24 formal commendations, but he also held an “Advanced Peace Officer Certification” in the state of California.

Since moving here in 2000, Carl has worked for the Pagosa Springs  Police Department, the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office, and the Southern Ute Justice and Regulatory Department. He served these agencies as a detective, detective sergeant, captain, assistant chief, and deputy director. During this time he received commendations from the police chief for excellence in investigative procedures and in 2008 he received a “Life Saving Commendation” for resuscitating an unresponsive infant back to life. In May of 2008 he received a formal commendation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for investigating a bank robbery that occurred at the First Southwest Bank in Pagosa Springs. During his service with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe he was directly responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations of the tribe’s 12 justice and regulatory departments which included over 100 employees.

He is currently serving the Jicarilla Apache Nation as a criminal investigator. He is certified as a tribal officer, a New Mexico state police officer, and a federal investigator under the Office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Carl Smith will implement a whole new concept for Archuleta County, “Community Oriented Policing System” or the C.O.P.S concept. A deputy or deputies are assigned the personal responsibility for each community, be it Arboles or the Lower Blanco and all communities in between. That deputy will be present on a regular basis getting to know the residents, their property and their law enforcement needs. Such close partnerships will create a strong bond of trust with that deputy, and the sheriff’s office. Whenever our communities have a need for law enforcement help, we know that it will be there no matter what. Now that’s something new that only an extremely qualified and experienced law enforcement officer can provide to all citizens of Archuleta County.

Archuleta County residents are very fortunate indeed to have the choice of such an experienced and qualified person with a 36-year background in law enforcement. It’s not often that we have such a solid candidate for sheriff in our small town.

Who knows what such a fast changing world will bring to Archuleta County? With Carl Smith as our sheriff, we need not fear the future. He is the only real choice we have for superb law enforcement.

Get out and vote for Carl Smith on Tuesday, June 24.

Lyn Dryburgh

This story was posted on May 29, 2014.