Bull manure

Dear Editor:

I read in the current issue of the American Scientist that a 375 megawatt gas turbine is at the heart of a 578 megawatt combined cycle power plant in Irsching, Germany. This plant achieved an efficiency of 60.75 percent, which makes it the most efficient heat engine ever operated.

This plant operates at about double the efficiency of the coal fired plants operating in the USA. A one gigawatt coal fired plant requires about 9,000 tons of coal and emits about 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide per day. A one gigawatt power plant would supply roughly the amount of electricity used in southern-western Colorado. By burning natural gas and utilizing the latest German technology, the carbon dioxide emissions could be cut by two-thirds at least.

The Germans invested in technology, we Americans invested in bull manure (The SUN is a family newspaper).

Bob Dungan


This story was posted on July 3, 2013.