Budgeted funds?

Dear Editor:

Down towards the end of a valley, off of Ute Drive, in Unit Five of the Aspen Springs Metro District stands a structure on a cement pad, with a roof, but no walls, and picnic tables under it. It is located on what the District Directors describe as “The Green Belt”, but is listed in the Assessor’s records as a “Golf Course”. This interesting contrast is a subject for another date.

The District Directors call it a “gazebo” which brings to mind a fancy structure where there’s a source of electricity where entertainment, like a band, can perform concerts. I disagree. It is a picnic shelter, pure and simple. The only special thing about it is there’s a ceiling and what has to be considered an attic space. Who puts an attic above a picnic shelter? Is this what changes this structure over to being a gazebo? Is there something hidden up there that no one is supposed to see? The whole structure reputedly cost the District $30,000.

There is a disk golf course nearby. This is an interesting sporting item and reportedly does get some usage though I’ve never seen actual, or evidence of, use. In fact, the last time I walked it there were small posts running across it. Are these for an electrical fence?

The real problem is that there are no rest rooms. Who builds a public facility like this without rest rooms?

As many know, or can quickly find out, Aspen Springs is a very large community. Because the park lacks rest rooms, only one group of residents can use it without having to leave within an hour — they live adjacent to it in Unit Five.

If asked why these facilities aren’t present, the Board will claim they don’t have enough funds in the budget. If one looks at the budget on record they are absolutely right, but there is one source of funding you don’t see here that was donated to the District by the now defunct Community Pride. It was donated to the District for Parks and Recreation (another subject for a future letter). Instead of using these funds to build rest rooms, the District chose to use it to bring a lawsuit against a District landowner.

Questions: How is suing a landowner, in any way, improving the park area and making it usable by all the residents of Aspen Springs? Even though these funds were “donated”, why does that preclude them being listed in the budget?

Doug Roberts

This story was posted on February 6, 2014.