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Dear Editor:

Terri Oldham House’s editorial, February 6, “ Incredible things can happen through the strength and commitment of a cooperative community effort — let history set an example for today.”

1970’s Aspen Springs Development submits subdivision plat to County consisting of 6 units +/- 2,700 lots. In Unit 5, a 126 acre parcel designated as “golf course” intertwined between lots off of Ute Drive. No water or sewer systems. No water, no golf course. Property owners in the ‘70s-’80s had no official Property Owner’s Association and formed a “quasi” group. Working together they formed the Aspen Springs Metro District. The 126 acre property passed between county and district, the area was referred to as “the greenbelt”.

2000 County Vision planning designated areas as future commercial town center, park/trail system. etc. Property owners and ASMD Board participated in these processes.

2006 Ballot Issue 1A passed countywide with funds for Parks and Recreation. Aspen Springs Community paid into these 1A funds with property taxes. More visioning discussion included; join trails project (Springs to Springs), community gardens, riding arenas, parks, picnic areas, bus shelters, etc. The Metro Board discussed these at public meetings applied to PROST to improve the Golf Course/Open Space/Greenbelt. Communities’ throughout the U.S. work to create open space and purchase land. Aspen Springs already had the land and began a plan to use it.

First step; the Kiosks/bus shelters/bulletin boards, future use trailheads within the community to attach to the County Trails Program.

Next the park and “gazebo” as defined in the dictionary “A freestanding, roofed, usually open-sided structure providing a shady resting place.” Ideas discussed, restrooms, concrete floor, paved parking lot, electricity, plumbing, picnic tables, fire rings, barbeques, storage, wind breaks, lighting, solar power, security, safety, trash, volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, and all built versatile for many uses, with minimal maintenance mindset. Volunteer committee organized plans, resident architect donated time, project submitted to PROST and BoCC for funding, approvals, building permits etc. Match from the community donation of volunteer time, metro crew hours, etc.

Roofing space was enclosed to prevent bats and birds from nesting, minimal maintenance. Portable restrooms can and have been provided, no water, nor sewer.

The next area developed, disc golf course, just like town’s, no restrooms, funding 1A monies.

Funds from the sale of “POA Tidy House,” paid for digging well for Buttercup Water Hauling Station, balance of funds to maintain the recreational properties owned by the district, all shown in grants in budgets.

The landowner being sued has been found in contempt of court twice for not respecting the court, the rights of the community and his neighbors.

More information can be found on the Aspen Springs Metro District website at www.aspenspringsmetro.org.

History not Fiction.

Ronnie Zaday

This story was posted on February 13, 2014.