Bob is right choice

Dear Editor:

Bob Lynch is the right choice for the La Plate Electric Association board. Everyone who gets an LPEA bill is eligible to vote in this important election.

Bob has the business skills and scientific understanding to engage in short- and long-term planning for the energy security of our electric coop. He understands critical issues facing our shared future: the need to keep our rates affordable, the challenge of transmission policy and the incorporation of renewable energy into the LPEA portfolio. Bob understands that LPEA is one of many electricity providers associated with TriState Generation and Transmission Association. He has the communication skills necessary to make sure that your voice, as a member of our local coop, is heard. Bob has vast experience in the process of group decision-making and will represent you.

You’ve received a ballot in the mail. Check the box for Bob Lynch and mail it back. This important election really has an impact on your family’s quality of life. Encourage your friends to vote for Bob today.

Sally High

This story was posted on May 8, 2014.