Blighted view

Dear Editor:

Peter Adams is a fine example of why a lot of people get involved with the government. They do it to manipulate rules and regulations to suit their desires. I for one, would rather see a public bike/foot trail on the ridge overlooking the river rather than Peter Adams’ vision of what the skyline should be. Many areas around the country have moved to ban ridge-line development because of the blighted view it creates.

The April 29 planning commission meeting, at which, Peter Adams requested vacating the town right of way, overlooking the river, was properly noticed and attended by many of my neighbors, including Franklin Anderson a true native of the neighborhood. Peter Adams for whatever reason changed the scope of his request and the planning commission tabled the issue for further research into the issue. When the new request was brought back to the planning commission, that meeting was not properly noticed and that is why no one in the neighborhood attended said meeting.

I for one, as a member of the Pagosa Springs community, do not believe Peter Adams honors any oath, to “We the People,” as a public servant. I do agree with Franklin Anderson, that since the view of the river is very unique and the property already belongs to the town, it should not be given to Peter Adams like a gift from all of the rest of us. I do believe in private property rights and if Peter Adams actually owns that property outright without any mortgage, he is free to do with his property as he sees fit. If he does not own the property free and clear, he is just another developer out to make a quick buck, and as such should have to jump through all the hoops just like Wal-Mart did.

Greg Giehl

This story was posted on August 7, 2014.