Dear Editor:

When one of Pagosa’s finest citizens wanted to do a memorial to his departed wife, he asked for and was granted permission to put it on Reservoir Hill. It is still there. Reservoir Hill obviously means very different things to different people.

It should be known by the TTC and Town Council that a Ferris wheel or the other amusement park rides listed in the petition are no different than an alpine coaster or ski lift to the folks against the project. Both take up a lot of space, both are metal mechanical constructions, both will change the personality of the hill forever and both are equally offensive to the people who have used and loved the environment on Reservoir Hill for generations.

Mr. Hart suggested in a SUN letter three weeks ago that people go to the town’s website and see the proposal for the lift and rides. The maps presented there are not a fair representation of a lift or coaster. They are shown only by thin colored lines. Anyone with internet can surf YouTube for “alpine coaster” and see first hand what has to be done to a forest to put in such a ride. A lift requires even more destruction including concrete foundations and clear cuts for big trucks and earth movers. The Friends of Reservoir Hill and many others are appalled at the idea of ruining the historic hiking trails and the nature on that hillside. They are obviously the “best friends” of Reservoir Hill.

The Friends accept the TTC’s original plan for improvements for tourists and locals, and want to help bring that plan to fruition. At one time the TTC, the Town Council and most people were happy with that original vision. The Friends believe the plan would be an aesthetic and economic benefit to the town. It would not cost huge sums of money the town doesn’t have.

To the Town Council and the TTC, I want to say: Let’s imagine the vote is to allow the lift and rides, and some miracle happens and money becomes available to do the entire project. Even if the vote isn’t an absolute majority of the citizens, it is still obvious a significant portion of the people will be disappointed, to angry, to absolutely heartbroken when the dozers fire up and the trees begin to fall. It will produce a deep and long lasting scar on Reservoir Hill and in the Pagosa Springs community. Do you really want to do that to your town and neighbors?

This is all so sad; something that started so positive has become an awful blight on our little paradise.

Norm Vance

This story was posted on February 21, 2013.

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  1. gcd

    March 7, 2013 at 8:49 am

    The peoples choice is no longer heard………..