Bigotry, racism

Dear Editor:

There is the part of the storyline in “Robin Hood” the movie where the bad guy prevails upon his underground mother, she advises him to hire henchmen, not of the area, to help subdue the good guys. A similarity came to mind when I read the letter from the writer from Golden, Colo. faulting Mr. Aragon.

In the estimation of many, Mr. Aragon was a respected faithful administrator of his post through all his term. A CDC group chaired by Muriel Eason took issue first with Mr. Aragon in a bigoted way, taking part in their own presentation titled “Barriers to Progress” where racial allegations were presented against local Hispanics.

Racism was aimed at Mr. Aragon and his “followers,” bigoted remarks made about “older Hispanics too long in political power.” Presuming too, that the followers all live downtown, are Hispanic, all sway the vote contrary to what this board wants. But that board was “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” when these powers stepped down or their term expired, or they could be eliminated.

They met for what could be done to remove these barriers of people with the “poor me-we-don’t-deserve-any-better mentality and who feel they do not really deserve good things, that despite being poor are opposed to change, being stupidly happy and proud, suspicious of newcomers, thinking they are fine as we are, and not wanting growth.” Alluding to having identified “the culprits” grandly presented a “favorite bumper sticker” that read: The truth will set you free. But first it will make you angry.

Not sharing data so much as insinuations, their childish taunting was documented by Bill Hudson of the Pagosa Daily, present at this meeting. In his posts, he identified their targets, posing his own question, “Could It Possibly Be the Hispanic?”

Mr. Aragon’s daughter wrote the first letter stating offense. I presumed because the group had derogatorily made mention of her father, her name mired in connection, sounding alarm of what I thought were her concerns with the bigotry of an institution.

After introspection, the man who had shared the bumper sticker wrote a letter of apology via the editor of The SUN stating his intent to step down from a board that he said had gone in a direction he had not foreseen or intended, apologizing for his actions, embarrassed of his own behavior, putting action to words, accepting blame for his part, stepping down, asking forgiveness of these he had hurt by his words.

Perhaps the first person attacked, Mr. Aragon, intended his own letter as a reminder to the remaining bad-apple-idealists, a reminder to take an introspective look at their own first-hand and harsh attacks, while looking to some unfinished business; verbally asking for that chair’s resignation, as should happen.

Mr. Aragon does not stand alone in his sentiments. There are others expecting the same. Institution racism and bigotry should be exposed, not tolerated. That organization has expended its usefulness and siding with them is tantamount to enablement.

Carmen Ferguson

This story was posted on July 17, 2014.

One Response to Bigotry, racism

  1. ajpagosa

    July 18, 2014 at 6:25 am

    The blithe racism is bad enough, but the CDC has a lot more problems than just its little ethnic cleansing program they accidentally let the public see. The CDC is completely out of touch with the majority of local attitudes towards business, commerce, public infrastructure, you name it. In fact it may be that the CDC is the largest Barrier to Progress here.

    The CDC, and most vocally Eason, have been instrumental in opposing Walmart and any big box retail. Despite the large majority of local residents being for it.

    The CDC, and most vocally Eason, were backers of the recently failed rec center ballot initiative, which was crushed by voters. This would have been a disaster financially, a debt binge capable of bankrupting the town, something Eason and supporters went to great lengths to hide from the public. Like the anti-Walmart campaign, the pro rec center campaign was one of the sleaziest most dishonest misrepresentations of a civic project I have ever seen. Every underhanded trick in the book was used, and information withheld or wildly distorted (or made up out of thin air) to deceive the public into taking the CDC’s position. Children were dragged out and used as pawns, coached to plead with voters. I know this is what passes for “activism” and “passion” nowadays but it is basically fraudulent and despicable. Thank goodness voters saw through it and killed it.

    Based on her most recent letter to the editor, Eason seems to get her economic insights and inspiration from Lord of the Rings. Imagining tiny little internet boutique specialty shops staffed by Hobbits, whose inventories are magically restocked by FedEx and UPS overnight (or maybe Gandalf?), but somehow are competitive with Amazon and other internet retailers.

    Many of Eason’s letters cause me to scratch my head or even laugh out loud at how clueless they are, but the latest one was a real puzzler. Some kind of elitist fantasy of a Tolkien mountain town, an alpine Lake Woebegone where everyone has well above average income, and all the tiny shops make a profit and especially, there are no big box retail, no Hispanics or other inconvenient people.

    Who knows what other business initiatives have been killed because of hidden prejudices they haven’t been quite dumb enough yet to expose?

    Nothing wrong with having certain economic development views (except for the explicit racism which is deplorable) if they are held by a private citizen. But I think the time has come to say that the views held by the current CDC are out of touch with large majority of the local community. And the vision they have of our town and county is not one shared by the majority of residents. For example. The rec center was soundly defeated by a large margin. Yet Eason is still pushing the rec center next week at the Community Center. This is just idiotic. A famous scientist (Einstein) once said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Time to disband the CDC or remove current members and start over with people who don’t have such a narrow-minded elitist agenda. Who listen to locals and are more in touch with what real people here want, and are at least agnostic with respect to some of these other controversial issues. Oh yeah, and who aren’t flaming bigots.