Better side

Dear Editor:

What does our DNA, gays, women voters and demographics have to do with the Republican/Tea Party indulgence in pathologically racial and homophobic partisanship, mixed with ideological and religious hubris? More than we’d think.

Let’s connect the dots. First, DNA. Do you actually choose your politics?  Is it nature, nurture and/or intelligence? A 70-year study of twins, both fraternal and identical, has established that genetics substantially determines whether you will be a conservative or liberal.  About 60 percent of your politics are formed at conception (DRD4-7R gene), 40 percent is nurture and the latter can be modestly affected by personal disaster. 

So, it makes some sense that the most inexplicable of human conundrums exists, i.e. a religious “Lincoln Log” Republican.  Further, we get a hint why there are Republican Women’s Clubs where they pay homage and fealty to dead-end bodies of politics, religion, health issues and economic status. Regardless of genetic dictates most women, gays and a few straight men are “wired” to access both their thinking and emotional brains simultaneously, so these groups should have a leg up on the pressures of social evolution, religion and peer compliance versus genetic dictates.

For me, the most hopeful of these groups are women voters.  Regardless of their genetic instructions, they have a better ability to sort BS from fact.  I’d give them the 40 percent-plus over men. So, how big is this plus? According to The New York Times, “The election had the largest gender gap in the history of the Gallup poll, with Obama winning the vote of single women by 36 percentage points.”  Even Karen Hughs, G.W. Bush’s White House advisor said, “If another Republican man says anything about rape other than it is a horrific, violent crime, I want to personally cut out his tongue.”

So, what does all this have to do with Republican party pathology? A lot.  Body language may say it all; remember the last time you met a dedicated Republican party member? Wasn’t he the most religiously righteous, clear-eyed, stare-you-in-the-face standing on tiptoes with raised eyebrows kind of person?  Well, their political time may have passed, but woe be the day when they recognize that most of their “individual” decisions are metaphysical.  Granted, the economy was our current main issue, but a singularly one-dimensional group is ultimately doomed to failure. Their definition of freedom is limited to cannibalistic economic success untouched by compassion or stewardship.  The presidential election result reflects the better side of Americans and our future.  

Dave Blake 

This story was posted on November 19, 2012.