Best skill set

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Mr. Lynch’s candidacy for a position on the BOD of LPEA. However, in so doing I have no intention of denigrating the skills and contributions of Mr. Fox. I know and respect both of these gentlemen. They are both good men and have both made many valuable contributions to this community. While these traits are necessary, they are not sufficient. Allow me to explain.

During my 30-plus years in industry I hired many people for jobs in several different functions. Each time I needed a new employee, I first evaluated the requirements of the job and the kind of skills necessary to meet these requirements. I then looked for a person whose skill set best met the needs of the job. Therefore, let’s first examine the needs of a company like LPEA. First and foremost, LPEA is a business. As such, it is responsible for the following business components, viz.

• Profit and loss, both long- and short-term

• Business strategy

• Sustainability

• Governance

• Budgets

• Customer satisfaction

• Analysis, justification and implementation of large capital projects

• Etc.

To ensure that they are successful in meeting all of these business components, they need people who have both skills and experience in each of them.

Of the two candidates, Mr. Lynch clearly has the best skill set and the most direct experience in each component.

He has started and run several businesses of his own. Moreover, he has consulted with several Fortune 500 businesses to help them improve their business in one or more of the business areas. In addition, he has written books on leadership and business management practices. All of these activities have allowed him to hone his own skills as a business leader, while at the same time helping others to improve theirs. This is sort of the definition of the job of a BOD member of a major business.

I urge you to read the resume of Mr. Lynch on his website. Then please make an objective comparison of his skill set compared to that of Mr. Fox. Both are very good men, but clearly Mr. Lynch is the man that deserves your vote in the election for a BOD member of LPEA.

Dave Richardson

This story was posted on May 1, 2014.