Beast system

Dear Editor:

The Archuleta County Guard has been studying the county/city budget for several years.  Part of this budget support I must comment on.  The Pagosa SUN “Police Blotter” section dated 11-21-13, shows us two days of police reports and actions for our city (not counting our county, which is likely 10 times these figures).  This is part of the report and the costs to Archuleta County citizens (that we have record of) for, mostly, Judge Denvir and Archuleta County Court:  One “following too closely,” with no injury to others, and  no damages or complaints reported (herein NIDCR), 4 points, $111.10.  Ten “speeding” accusations, NIDCR, $2,442 taken from us; six “expired license plates,” no NIDCR, $875.50 taken from us.  One “driver’s license not on person,” NIDCR, $60.50.  One “improper pass,” NIDCR, $202.50.  Two “seat belt not used,”  NIDCR, $327.00 taken from us.  There is more, with zero injuries, damages or complaints reported other than by the revenue collectors.  Does anyone else see this as a bit “slavish” and “controlling,” and sucking the life blood out of us?  Does anyone realize that we have been turned into financial vampire subjects?  60 million statutes they have created to allow them to suck monies out of us all through 60 million crime possibilities.  Remember, this is two days’ worth of extraction … and it totaled (just the part I mentioned here), $4,018.60.  Let’s multiply that by 15 for the rest of the month these “public servants” are “serving” We the People.  That would be $60,279 for a month, just for the city of Pagosa Springs.  No one was injured, no one complained (except all those who were “terrorized” by the predator extractors), and we simply contribute our finances to a system that we have accepted as part of our reality … one that we seemingly willingly tolerate even though it counters Supreme Court precedent, and the fact that, in most cases, no one was damaged.  Do we really think this is OK, natural and acceptable?  If you think this sort of domestic terrorism is fine, and you are willing to “donate” to the beast system even where you have done no harm or caused no damages, then ignore this, and continue to contribute to your slavery, and bow to your servants turned masters.  Hundreds of others in our county are not willing to accept this as “normal.”  “For a crime to exist, there must be an injured party.”  Sherar v. Cullen, 481 F. 945, U.S. Supreme Court.  How many of you actually “injured” someone when you were cited, but had to go to court to pay a “fee” for your “infraction” with no complaining party who was actually injured?  Was this fair?  They changed what used to be “driving crimes,” to “infractions” to skirt the law.  It is amazing what a bit of constitutional and law knowledge can do to free a people from enslavement by their own servants, if they are willing. Will you help stop this by helping to educate our public servants?

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on December 2, 2013.

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  1. littledrummerboy

    December 2, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    the more “crime” they create to fight, the more funding they can justify. pretty cool, huh?