Be thankful

Dear Editor:

I read in this month’s Smithsonian magazine that the FOX broadcast network is going to re-broadcast Carl Sagan’s Cosmos program starting on March 9. The original Cosmos program aired on PBS in 1980 and ultimately reached hundreds of millions people worldwide. In this new version Neil deGrasse Tyson of the American Museum of natural history serves as the narrator. I have heard Dr. Tyson lecture on electronic media and he is excellent.

Incidentally there is a world class rec center in Ignacio. The facility is subsidized by the Ute Indians so the fees are modest. There is a nice naturally heated swimming pool and hot baths in Pagosa. Now that my buddies are all gone, often I am there alone.

The ultimate Rocky Mountain high is to hike up a mountain, spread your bed-roll out on the ground and sleep under a canopy of stars.

We live in a great county, a great state, a great country, a great world, a great universe. Enjoy and thank God for it. If it were different we would not be here.

Bob Dungan


This story was posted on March 6, 2014.