Be nice, be kind

Dear Editor:

What is wrong with the citizens of Pagosa? We seem to have a lot of visitors here this summer and it is hot right now, but that should never cause us to lose our niceness and consideration for our neighbors and fellow citizens, not to mention our visitors.

With the light by the school messing up the flow of traffic and other goings ons, I have seen many times someone trying to get onto the street to go with us or turn in front of us. How much time does it take to stop, be nice and let someone else in or cross in front of us? Not even a minute … and the one getting in line cannot hold us up more than we already are.

Please be kind to each other and our visitors by stopping to let them in or turn in front of you. I’m sure that you have also been in that situation more than once and kept saying, “Come on, come on, just let me turn or get in.” It didn’t feel very good to you to be left there and it doesn’t feel very good to others … especially to our visitors that wonder if we are just plain rude and should they return to spend more of their vacation time and money here?

Be kind. Smile. It only takes a few moments our of your day and it might just make someone else’s day.

Susan Crane

This story was posted on July 17, 2014.