Dear Editor:

Sometimes I feel like Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce when he stated: “We were like deer. They were like grizzly bears … The Creative Power, when He made the Earth, made no marks, no lines of division or separation on it … the Earth was too sacred to be valued by or sold for silver or gold.”

Most who have made Pagosa Springs their home, many for decades, are beginning to feel that a few monied interests are trying to “re-shape” our community into something that was never meant to be — just to make themselves some money. Most of us longtime “locals” don’t care about money all that much, so long as our needs are met and, of course, most of us are far more blessed even than that.

Pagosa Springs should continue to be known for our exceptional musical talent, our good schools, our excellent health, our amazing library, healthcare, our wonderful people, and our awesome environment that can be enjoyed by all, rich or poor. What more could one want for themselves and their children?

But for some, that is not enough — you see, they came here because of what we have to offer, but they also want to bring with them what they left behind and they want us to pay for it! Hopefully, us “locals” can stand up to them — let’s see, we defeated the “carnival” atmosphere planned for Reservoir Hill, we are working to defeat the rec center, which we would rarely if ever use. So, if we succeed in doing that, then I guess the next battle is a casino. Get ready folks!

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on August 22, 2013.

One Response to Battle

  1. Brian Griffin

    August 22, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    YOU might rarely, if ever, use a rec center, but did you ever consider that some folks might use it an awful lot? Get your facts straight before you start barking uninformed drivel. You might be surprised.