Basically asleep

Dear Editor:

The Christian Congregations of America are being extremely negligent in standing for law and liberty … basically asleep. God gave us personal freedom and sovereignty when He removed any human king over us. In fact, the intent of our Constitution and courts clearly state that the People now have the same authority as the king once did. Kings and Queens … “sovereigns, without subjects.” So the question is, why is the collective church so silent in standing for law and liberty?

If God removed any king over us in America, why are we acting as slaves cowering to the very servant government “we” created? Do we bow to and serve our own hired servants? Why do we allow government (Federal, State and Local) to exercise power over us that is not only unconstitutional, but criminal as well? Why have millions of people that claim to be “Christian,” the collective church, willingly walked back into the very slavery God took us out of, ignoring their responsibility to now be self-ruling and free and to stand for liberty? If we are not exercising the simply basic rights to be free, and to make lawful personal judgments over our own personal lives, how can we expect to rule with Christ when He returns?

Luke 16:10 “He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.” NKJV

We are failing elements of our calling. We have been asleep. We ignore the authority God gave us to rule ourselves, and are allowing our servants to rule over us, creating 60 million pharisaical statutes to control every aspect of our lives, and we are willingly submitting to this slavery and foolishness. What King or Queen would do this? We are being deceived and misled and we don’t seem to care, and even empower our “masters” by consenting to their lawlessness.

The Christian congregations teach that we are to “submit” to “ruling” authorities … but they have forgotten, here in America, that “we” are the ruling authority, and do not have to submit to illegal, unconstitutional, or immoral laws or directives. We have relinquished our personal responsibility to rule ourselves, and to stand for truth, and to work together to defend our liberties, and have accepted a false god called government which now manipulates so many, but we could change our county overnight if we stood for our liberty.

Are you tare, or wheat? Are you a sovereign, or a subject of lawlessness? Are you fearful and hiding your talent in a napkin and burying it in the ground, or hiding your light under a bushel basket? Have you bought into the very system we are to be lights to? Are you a hearer only?

Sitting around waiting for Christ’s return may be why He has not returned yet. Maybe He is “sitting around” waiting for the Church to be “so doing” (upholding all law as He commanded) to prove we are ready.

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on January 23, 2014.