Basic needs

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Mayor Aragon. What an interesting life, but more than interesting, it is a “giving” life.

It is through his early and continuing efforts, along with others who came here many years ago, that we have this beautiful place to enjoy, twelve months of the year.

A relatively simple life-style that requires nothing more financially than basic needs, but provides to all of us the wonders of nature to enjoy in so many different ways. The life-style is affordable, comfortable and caring. Because of that, our people are the best.

If there is a need, we find a way to meet it, e.g., the Ross Aragon Community Center was built with private funds — no tax needed. That is what makes Pagosa “unique” When it comes to basic needs, we have a great supermarket, retail stores, two thrift stores and fine western stores in town. So, let’s support these and work to complete those worthwhile outdoor projects already begun — Yes, we are Pagosa.

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on April 3, 2014.