Dear Editor:

I like bargains. I like that I can get a bargain at the thrift store or a yard sale buying something I don’t really need at the moment, I buy it because I think I will use it sometime in the near future. Buy it, because it’s a bargain. Things like clothes, tools, winter gear and random items of interest. I’ll be like, wow, look at this bike — only 15 bucks, probably cost a hundred brand new. Buy the thing just because it’s a bargain.

Maybe 80 to 90 percent of the time I am happy with my purchase because it was such a bargain. The other 10 percent, I just look at it and say: “What the heck was I thinking buying this piece of junk?” Sooner or later I buy enough bargains, I eventually get rid of them by giving back to a thrift store, have a yard sale, give it away, throw it away, wishing there was easy way to turn the “bargains” back into the cash I used to purchase it years or months ago. Oh, well, it’s only stuff. It’s only money.

Am I going to go on and on about bargains for any particular reason ? Yes, I am. I believe I am not alone in my weakness to resist buying something, just because it’s a bargain. The Town of Pagosa Springs demonstrated it could not resist the temptation of buying something just because it was a bargain when it purchased a ski lift before having a solid plan as to what to do with it. The power or the bargain was too much to resist. I understand. I even respect the “ballsiness” it took to buy or get the ski lift in the first place. I like the idea of having an operating ski lift in town. The problem with the lift started back when was someone said, “Reservoir Hill,” and then someone else said, “Yeah, Reservoir Hill,” and the next guy said, “Of course, Reservoir Hill,” and so on, till the proverbial snowball was big enough to run over top of anyone that didn’t think putting the ski lift on Reservoir Hill was a good idea.

Remember, the problem is not what do with Reservoir Hill, the problem is what to do with a ski lift we already own. This “bargain” on a ski lift can still be a good thing for Pagosa. The problem is that it is not suitable for use on Reservoir Hill for the many reasons that have been identified by experts already. Right? So why waste another day trying put this ski lift on Reservoir Hill if it is not going work the way it needs to in order to safely offload non-skier pedestrians? Remember, it’s a ski lift, made to transport skiers uphill. That is what it does and that is what it should be used for. I encourage it. Just not on Reservoir Hill. There are better locations in Pagosa Springs for this bargain of a ski lift to be placed and operated. This awesome bargain of a ski lift is perfect for Pagosa. The ski lift just needs to be placed somewhere it obviously belongs. A location so obvious, that you really don’t even need a high school education to figure it out.

David Dennis

This story was posted on February 7, 2013.