Dear Editor:

I’ve been driving on this county road for 60 years and never have we had roads this bad. County Road 700 is a disaster (horrible).

Commissioners, please go check road 700 one-half mile south of 160 highway. I feel sorry for those people who drive it every day. Vehicles’ alignment (wheels) and front end will be damaged. People need to file claims for damages to cars and trucks.

You commissioners just don’t care about what’s going on with our roads.

The personnel you hire to oversee roads just don’t know how to take care of county roads. You spent a large sum of money graveling a portion of County Road 700. Don’t you know for a road to hold up, you first apply a good base of 3-1/2 mines gravel before applying finish material. This road will all fall apart in time before spring.

We need to overhaul county personnel who don’t know or care about how things are done.

Commissioners, get out of the courthouse and check your hired supervisors’ work. Neither of you have the knowledge to direct or see that work is done right. So hire a man who knows how to maintain roads.

Chris Chavez

This story was posted on October 10, 2013.