Awards, honors, kudos and reminders

There were so many things to address in this week’s editorial that I opted to give you snippets of some items that deserve being noted:

• Back in the ‘80s, The SUN staff would be thrilled to bring home one or two awards from the Colorado Press Convention. You can imagine how proud I was of our staff last Friday night when we received 49 awards in the categories of advertising, reporting, online, photography and design at the Colorado Press Convention. On top of those 49 honors, we were awarded sweepstakes awards in three out of four divisions. That earned us the overall General Excellence Award given to the top newspaper in our division in the state.

• Congratulations to Pagosa’s own Creede Wiley, who became Pagosa’s 17th state champion wrestler competing in the 3A state championships last weekend at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

• Special thanks to Pat Artis and Allison Wylie for regularly providing additional photo coverage of high school sporting events.

• Det. George Barter deserves recognition for a new development in a 32-year-old homicide case. Kudos to George for leading the way to positively identifying John Doe and for bringing peace to his family after all of these years.

• After over nine years serving as the executive director of the Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, Mary Jo Coulehan’s last day with the organization is tomorrow. Mary Jo has worked tirelessly to make an impact on our community. She has been a dedicated advocate for businesses and nonprofits and has had Pagosa Country’s best interests at heart. Thankfully, Mary Jo isn’t leaving town, just moving forward in her career as she takes a position with Pagosa Verde, helping to develop geothermal resources in the area.

• As we enter a political season, please remember that, while The SUN prints letters in support of and against ballot issues and candidates, space is limited and, if necessary, no more than two letters will be printed on an issue or candidate in any week’s edition. Letters from candidates will not be printed.

• Please remember when commenting on our website that there are policies. The same goes for letters published in the newspaper. It’s simple … you must agree to be civil. The SUN wants to encourage dialogue and debate that leads to greater understanding. Our goal is to elevate the conversation. This means comments should be relevant and contain no abusive or profane language. Comments may be deleted at the sole discretion of The SUN.  You must also agree not to use this forum for personal attacks. This includes any sort of personal attack — including, but not limited to — the people in our stories, the journalists who create these stories or anyone else in this community.

Terri Lynn Oldham House

This story was posted on February 27, 2014.

2 Responses to Awards, honors, kudos and reminders

  1. Billy Skipper

    February 27, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    Newcomer to town, but must comment. I find it ironic that in the same issue you tout the awards your publication has received there is front page content that is potentially libelous, specifically the article concerning the rec center. You say your publication wants to “encourage dialogue and debate that leads to greater understanding.” Why, then, was I privy today to an accurate record of the correspondence between yourself and those quoted in the rec center article that makes the article read like pure fiction? I doubt you will be getting any awards for that one. A lawsuit would be more appropriate. Do the honorable thing and make it right.

  2. Chris Gerlach

    February 28, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    Terri, I am so grateful we have such a splendid newspaper here in Pagosa. and your candor and sincerity come across in your editorial very well as well as how nicely you commend and bring to our attention many fine community members and their achievements. I am so proud of the prizes you mention for the staff …they are well deserved. I have known newspapers far and wide of all sizes and worked some myself as staff and columnist, editor and stringer. We are very very well served by what the SUN does for and with us. Please know you and the SUN are appreciated and much trusted and respected. A sign of the depth and the insight of your coverage may be reflected in responses both positive and negative but that there are such responses is a sure sign you are doing your job and doing it well. Well done. And My thanks to all of the staff each and everyone of them.