Aunt Margie

Dear Editor:

As I have learned of a recently returned soul to our lord, I have experienced a loss or awakening as previously not accounted for. The truth that the ones that make the biggest impressions on us are not in fact immortal. A part of my self that was forgotten or reborn is brought to reconciliation with myself, and I believe within each of us. How often do we reflect our upbringing to our spouses and children with fond memories and expect them to grasp the importance of the people that were involved? I know for myself it is quite often and a delight to do so as I was blessed with many people of significance in my life.

Aunt Margie and Uncle Sam were an inspiration to me along with my own grandparents. I was very fortunate to have been part of their lives. I was born in Salt Lake City and grew up there, with the exception of the annual return to (what I would later know as my true home in heart and soul) Chromo, Edith and Pagosa Springs.

My grandparents were very close to Uncle Sam and Aunt Margie as I grew up. I grew to know aunts uncles, cousins and many more individuals, as time progressed. What I didn’t fathom at the time is that a lot of these individuals were not in fact blood related. As I now know a lot of my non-related relatives realize and a lot of you may have realized growing up in the same fashion, but do not care as the significance does not matter.

I remember great gatherings of people and small gatherings of great people. I remember the awe and respect of which my beliefs were built upon. The ideals of people who have gone and passed before my eyes, the simplistic knowledge of all things great, and love for all that are brought into our presence, and am greatly humbled to realize the things I and society can learn, these beliefs that the ones before us have tried to pass on and instill upon us.

Here is the question I put forth to you and myself. Having known Aunt Margie, and Uncle Sam, (or not). Are we not truly blessed and should try to learn from the people that have gone before us, the ones who have made an everlasting impression on us? The ones who have shown us love compassion, understanding and self worth?

I believe my soul has been awakened. I am very sorry to hear of Aunt Margie’s passing and I realize I will never forget the things she taught me, the delicious foods she made me, and how she always made me feel welcome when I was with her.

Chris Chavez

This story was posted on May 29, 2014.