Aspen Springs

Dear Editor:

We have just had an election in Aspen Springs and we are ready to move forward. Recently a nuisance ordinance was passed by the county and we are trying to clean up some of the sore spots in our area. It takes a long time to get any action after a complaint has been filed. Ronnie Zaday helped get this ordinance passed and we are hoping to see some results soon. Rather than target her with negative comments, let’s try Todd Starr.

Each case is different and our approach to correcting the situation should be different.

As far as Ronnie is concerned, she worked to obtain a grant so we could have some space for fun and chances for families to get together.

Each of us likes our space and many are living out here because there are no codes, but many of us are living out here because we could afford a little space and it would seem respectful if we could keep our “messes” more under wraps and keep each of our own areas neater.

Good luck to the new board.

By the way, to those who have been so up in arms about Steve’s sheep, did you realize that at one time Steve had a llama to care for the sheep, but instead the llama led them astray, causing damage to homes and crops. The llama had to go and since that time the sheep stay closer to home and allow some of us to enjoy their presence.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on June 5, 2014.