Archuleta County free legal clinic set for April 10

By Brad Glover
Special to The PREVIEW
Despite the COVID-19 closures of libraries across Colorado, your Ruby Sisson Library will still host our popular monthly legal clinic Friday, April 10, from 2 to 3 p.m.
We are able to do this and keep clinic patrons safe because our volunteer attorneys already work remotely. As a work-around, instead of clinic patrons coming in person to your library (which is closed), the volunteer attorney will directly call each clinic patron’s telephone, using the phone number provided to library staff. Although legal clinic patrons will see a slight shift in how our free legal support is delivered, they should experience no significant disruption in service.
Your library staff will schedule all appointments and the volunteer attorney will call each clinic patron directly by telephone. For this reason, it is important that a reliable phone number be included when you sign up. To be added to the sign-up sheet, send an email titled “Sign-up for Free Legal Clinic,” plus your first name and phone number, to
Unfortunately, space is limited, but your library will continue to offer this service each month whether we are closed or open.

This story was posted on April 7, 2020.