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Ed Center After School Tutoring Program begins Sept. 17

The After School Tutoring Program at the Archuleta County Education Center begins Sept. 17.

Are you aware that the unfortunate facts of dropout rates begin as early as 10 years old?

Research has proven that if you haven’t “hooked” students by the third grade, they are likely to severely struggle or drop out of school by the time they reach 10th grade. There is a “sweet spot” for 10-year-old boys specifically that can make or break their academic success.

The After School Tutoring Program offered by the Archuleta County Education Center in cooperation with the Archuleta School District addresses the achievement problem directly. Helping students to understand their class work is particularly important for students, parents and teachers who recognize a struggle in the classroom.

More important is the fact that, when students have completed a homework assignment correctly, they are more likely to attend their regular class and they are more likely to participate in classroom discussion. That is, going to class is fun when homework is done.

Good preparation for class improves students’ self esteem and self efficacy. When students develop these skills in elementary school, they are more likely to enter high school academically prepared, increasing the probability of graduating from high school. The After School Tutoring program also provides a safe and positive environment for youth between the end of the regular school day and the time parents are off work.

Students enrolled in the After School Tutoring program meet Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 5:15 p.m. in rooms provided by the Archuleta School District 50 Jt. Lucille Stretton and Jenna Gregory, both certified teachers, supervise programs for elementary and middle school students, respectively. High school students are hired to assist. Each tutoring class starts with a snack and wiggle time.

The K-4 program has found success by dividing the students according to age. When families’ schedules allow, we request that K-2 students attend on Monday and Wednesdays and 3-4 students attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, we are flexible and can accommodate for all learners’ preferences.

The After School Tutoring program is funded by the United Way, donations to the Ed Center and an enrollment fee of $15 for the year.

The tutoring program will begin Sept. 17 on both campuses.

For more information on the After School Tutoring Program, call the Ed Center at 264 2835 or visit our website at Registration is available online through our website and PayPal.

A reminder: We also offer abundant enrichment opportunities for adults — many computer courses, first aid/CPR, Top 10 IRA Mistakes, Spanish for adults, jewelry making, GED test preparation, English as a Second Language (ESL) for adults, and more to be slated as the season progresses.

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