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Budget report presented for Pagosa Springs Medical Center

The Upper San Juan Health Service District, as of an Aug. 28 board meeting, has a full board with the swearing in of Joanna Estes as a director.

Estes has been a resident of Archuleta County for five years, has worked in the hospital and currently works at Pagosa Family Medicine Center.

According to board chair Malcomb Rodger, in addition to her expertise in the medical field, Estes will also be a great benefit to the board, giving the female perspective. Rodger also added that her youth will also be a good addition to the board.

At that same meeting, PSMC Chief Financial Officer Dennis Wilson presented figures indicating what he said was a, “good month of July” for Pagosa Springs Medical Center.

Wilson explained the center would exceed budget on charity care because of changes made in the law to make charity care broader regarding the income levels it accepts. Charity care was budgeted at $22,500 for the month of July, but the amount spent was $89,591.

“I don’t think the bottom-line impact will be tremendous to us, because the people receiving charity care weren’t paying their bills anyway,” Wilson said.

Supplies were over budget by $22,636, but Wilson explained that the areas where the supplies are over budget coincide with areas that are over budget in revenue, such as surgery.

Surgery, for the month of July, had revenue of $124,659. The month of August marks one full year that surgery has been available in Pagosa Springs at the center. Surgery has consistently been one of the biggest revenue gains for the PSMC. Since the outset, the operating room has seen over 300 patients.

“Surgery has had a very successful first year,” PSMC CEO Brad Cochennet said.

Radiology saw its second highest revenue month in July, and the ambulance service, Wilson said, had one of its top five revenue months as well.

On the negative side, Wilson said that, on average, accounts receivable slipped from accounts received within 57 days to 68 days.

Regarding the budget at the current time, Wilson said it continues to be tight, but the PSMC is on budget. The budget for 2013 will be discussed more in depth starting next month.

In other items discussed:

The Dr. Mary Fisher Medical Foundation has changed its public name, not its legal name, to Dr. Mary Medical Foundation. Development Director Claire Bradshaw said that this is how the name will appear on further literature. The reason for the change was to have a name that, “rolls of the tongue better,” said USJHSD director and foundation liason Marion Francis.

Bradshaw gave an update on the $6 million capital and annual fund-raising campaign. The mill levy, Bradshaw stated, is a key piece of the campaign. “I feel confident that, at the first of the year, we will be ready to launch the mill levy campaign.”

However, before the mill levy campaign can start, the mill levy committee will interview, “people as influence in the community and the core donor base” over the next two to three months to find out their opinion on the mill levy extension. There will also be three public meetings held during the first quarter of next year.

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