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Pirates take on Falcons Friday night

The Pagosa Springs High School football team scrimmaged Ignacio Saturday morning, and coach Olin Garrison said, while the score was not kept, the Pirates dominated much of the event.

“Overall, I think our tackling was pretty good for this early in the season,” Garrison said. “Offensively, we moved the ball pretty well on the ground.” Running back Jeremiah Miller had some nice runs, “and any time you have some nice runs you have got to have good blocking,” according to Garrison. “The blocking was pretty good.”

In conjunction with the outstanding ground game, quarterback Dean Scott completed quite a few passes and whenever Garrison, “needed to run a lot of power at them,” he knew where to turn. “Clay Ross, he’s a tight end. He’s about 210 and he moves fast,” said Garrison. “He had a pretty good game, too. He caught some passes and ran the ball well.

“We had been doing two-a-days up through Friday,” Garrison explained, with Pirates practicing against each other morning and evening. The scrimmage against Ignacio was a nice change of pace and the team enjoyed being able to get out and compete against someone else.

“Now we are just doing one-a-days,” Garrison said, “working out one time a day, because we’ve got a game on Friday, and their bodies are a little tired and their legs a little dead, so we’ve got to start finding a way to put a little life back in them.”

The Friday night game against Centauri, 7 p. m. at Golden Peaks Stadium, is a bit of an unknown.

“We’re looking at what they did last year,” said the coach. “Since this is the first game and we don’t have any way to scout them, they could show up and do something totally different. We don’t know. I really don’t know what they’ve got coming back, in the way of lettermen.”

Centauri scrimmaged against Salida last weekend, and Garrison’s sources told him they out-scored the Spartans.

“I talked to our players about it and we just anticipate that they are going to be a pretty good football team, so we’ve got to prepare for that. We’ll work hard this week and get out there and play hard Friday night.”

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