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Seniors: Beware of timeshare resale scams

If you are looking to sell or rent that ski lodge condo, lakefront condo or other expensive timeshare property you really don’t get to use much anymore, proceed with caution: timeshare scammers can ruin your whole investment.

Trouble begins with a phone call or e-mail offer to help you navigate the sometimes murky timeshare waters. Renting and reselling properties, they say, is their stock and trade. Be assured of a surprisingly quick sale, a vibrant rental market. Now, there is a $2,500 fee up front, but that covers the listing service, advertising and closing costs. And don’t forget: You’re not getting any value out of the property now anyway.

It starts to sound good, but you’re not sure. Then the timeshare scammer calls back, ramping up the pitch with a level of urgency. He has three interested buyers already lined up for a property like yours. In other words, act now!

If you do, the excitement quickly wanes. Having provided a credit card to cover the up-front fees — from a few hundred to several thousand dollars — you find yourself adrift. Calls once returned so promptly now go unanswered. E-mails bounce back as undeliverable. You’re starting to get the message.

Victimized owners have also reported a second brand of timeshare scammer: fake fraud-recovery outfits that promise to get your money back.

If you are contacted about selling or renting your timeshare:

• Be wary of up-front fees.

• Read the fine print of any sales contract or rental agreement.

• Check the company out with your Better Business Bureau.

Report suspicious inquiries and activities to ElderWatch, a program with the Colorado Attorney General and the AARP Foundation, (800) 222-4444.

Art show

We have been enjoying the photo display by Navy photographer Rob Gaston and now it’s time to enjoy our next artist’s work.

Who will it be?

Do you have photos, paintings, etc. you would like to display on our dining room walls for the senior diners to enjoy? If so, contact me at 264-2167.


Do you have something fun to offer in a presentation?

Maybe you were with the FBI or CIA, a Navy seal or were involved in an exciting mountain expedition. Perhaps you were part of a famous rescue, sang to the president, worked in the White House, cooked for Cary Grant, starred in a movie, specialized in furniture making, invented something or have great vacation slides of another country.

If you would like to share your adventures with others, I’d love to hear from you. Please call me at 264-2167.


You need to make reservations to dine at Cafe Fox.

I have received notification from the San Juan Basin Area Agency on Aging requiring a reservation system be in place in an effort to avoid waste; so take time to plan ahead just a wee bit, folks.

You’ll now find we have set out about a week’s worth of reservation lists enabling you to sign up in advance. If you are already at Cafe Fox, see Rob at the front desk and he’ll help you with your reservation, or call by 9 a.m. the morning you would like to join us; if we are unable to make it to the phone, dial Ext. 27 and leave a message.

For you computer savvy folks we have added a link to our website; please visit, select County Departments and then Senior Services and you’ll see the Meal Reservation link.

Please do not ask to sign up more than a week in advance; we will not be able to accommodate your request. We also find that seniors have darn busy schedules and change often, so reserving a seat more than a week in advance could create no-shows, putting us right back to the problem of waste.

Thanks bunches for your assistance and understanding. Make your reservation today at 264-2167, Ext. 27.

Special delivery

Are you struggling to get meals prepared because you are homebound, recovering from surgery or an illness? Let us do the cooking. Enjoy Cafe Fox meals delivered to your door. Our hot meal, home delivery program is available four days per week to those living closer to town, with frozen meals Thursdays and weekends. Those living farther out of town may be eligible for the frozen meal program. Meals are available to people age 60-plus for a suggested donation of $4 per meal. Give us a call at 264-2167 for further information. Donations are greatly appreciated.?

Free Wi Fi

Cafe Fox is pleased to announce the availability of free WiFi, courtesy of the Ross Aragon Community Center. Beat the heat, join us for lunch and enjoy free WiFi while you’re at it.

Help out

We are accepting applications to assist in our kitchen, library and dining room.

Like to help in the kitchen? Is chopping, slicing, dicing, prepping and stirring your middle name? If so, we need you, and several of you at that. We’d love to have you aboard.

Like to greet people and lend a hand? We have the perfect opportunity for you. We are looking for a few people that would like to greet our folks, introduce new clients to our services, show them the ropes of the dining room and offer assistance to those needing help filling out our new client form. Please call Musetta at 264-2167 for an application.

At your service

Don’t hitchhike, let us do the driving. Get to where you need to go; door to door bus service is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for seniors age 60-plus. Suggested donation is $2 per day. Come hang out with us and enjoy our company. Call for details, 264-2167.

Dental assistance

The San Juan Basin Area Agency on Aging (SJBAAA) has grant funds from the Administration on Aging (AoA) of up to $300 per person. To ensure the continuation of grant funding, you will get a letter from the SJBAAA suggesting a minimum contribution of 10 percent ($30).

Please observe the following program guidelines:

1. Title III Older Americans Act grant funds will assist seniors ages 60-plus in the following areas only:

• Fluoride varnishing.

• Fillings for cavities.

• Tooth extractions.

• Cleaning and overall preventive care for maximum oral health.

There is a high priority to serve low and very low income individuals, age 60 years and older.

For further information, visit or call 264-0501.

Special events

John Graves, ”Witness to Weirdness.” ?John Graves will relate some of the strange experiences he had with famous personalities in his many show business careers — from meeting Errol Flynn in a shower to playing for Groucho Marx’s amazing party. Meet John Friday at The Den, Aug. 10, at 12:30 p.m. and witness the weirdness.

Weekly activities

Friday, Aug. 10 — 9 a.m. Geezers; 10 a.m. Stitchin’ in the Kitchen; 12:30 p.m. John Graves; 12:30 p.m. Gym Walk.

Monday, Aug. 13 — 12:30 p.m. Gym Walk; 1 p.m. Canasta.

Tuesday, Aug. 14 — 11 a.m. Chair Massage; 12:30 p.m. Gym Walk; 1 p.m. Meditation for Healing.

Wednesday, Aug. 15 — No scheduled activities.

Thursday, Aug. 16 — Closed.

Friday, Aug. 17 — 9 a.m. Geezers; 10 a.m. Stitchin’ in the Kitchen; 10:30 a.m. Brain Injury Support Group; 12:30 p.m. Gym Walk.

This week’s menu

Reservations required by 9 a.m. the morning of the day you would like to dine at Cafe Fox. Call 264-2167, Ext. 27.

Suggested donation for older adults age 60-plus is $4, guests $6, kids 12 and under $3. Our meal program is partially funded through the Older Americans Act via the San Juan Basin Area Agency on Aging, United Way, Archuleta County, Town of Pagosa Springs and other donations and grants. These funds help support the cost of the meal which is approximately $10.50. Please note our menu is subject to change. The salad bar opens at 11:30 a.m., with lunch served from noon to 12:30 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 10 — Crunchy baked fish, tartar sauce, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, salad, banana.

Monday, Aug. 13 — Chicken Alfredo, Harvard beets, cranberry sauce, whole wheat bread, tossed salad, fruit salad.

Tuesday, Aug. 14 — Savory meatloaf with beef gravy, whipped potatoes, peas and carrots, gelatin with fruit, tossed salad, whole wheat roll.

Wednesday, Aug. 15 — Homemade macaroni and cheese, ham slice, tossed salad, peas, bran muffin, banana and mandarin oranges.

Thursday, Aug. 16 – Closed.

Friday, Aug. 17 — Baked salmon, brown rice, California vegetables, tomato/cucumber salad, bran muffin, half banana, rainbow sherbet.

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