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May revenues, best yet at hospital

Malcom Rodger took the helm as chairman of the Upper San Juan Health Services District (USJHSD) during last week’s board meeting, just as chief financial officer Dennis Wilson said the Pagosa Springs Medical Center experienced its best revenue month yet in May.

The reason for the record month: the lab and the clinic.

Wilson continued to explain via a speakerphone report to the board that, in addition to increased patient numbers in the lab and clinic, the banner month was due to tax revenues, which totaled $283,804. Cash in May also increased by $137,000. Total revenue, less total expenses in May, was $305,597.

“We’re pleased with that performance,” Wilson said.

Wilson continued to explain that, currently, PSMC is $123,000 ahead in operations revenues.

“I also have a modest concern to report,” Wilson said. The concern, he continued, is how far under expectations the hospital was in swing bed patients as of the end of May. The hospital had budgeted for 15 patients and the number of patients as of the end of May was six.

“We will continue to monitor,” Wilson said.

Chair of the finance committee and new director Karl Irons added that net patient revenue is on plan and that charity write-offs were 44 percent ahead.

The board, after a previous work session, also unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding between their board and the Dr. Mary Fisher Medical Foundation (MFMF) board.

“This is really useful and is used a lot when there are new board members,” MFMF board chair Lisa Scott commented. At the time, both boards have vacant seats. The USJHSD has two vacant seats, and the foundation board has three vacant seats.

“It adds real clarity for board members,” Scott reiterated.

As stated in the document, the MOU, “is intended to capture the spirit of a collaborative partnership between the Foundation and the District in pursuit of short and long-term financial sustainability for the Pagosa Springs Medical Center as it grows to meet the community need for quality, local health care.”

The MOU describes the authority, responsibility, role and expectations that the USJHSD, the foundation, the CEO, the director of development and marketing, campaign council and mill levy committee are expected to fulfill.

“I thought the document was pretty clear,” Irons said.

The board also briefly discussed the mill levy campaign. Under consideration is use of political consultant Rick Reiter of Reiter and Associates. The board, however, did not entertain a motion to approve the use of his services, waiting until next board meeting.

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