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Summertime at the Pagosa Springs Nurturing Family Center

Flowers are blooming and veggies are doing their best to thrive at Pagosa Springs Nurturing Family Center, despite our springtime winds and cold May evenings. Our family members have been nurturing plants at the “Center” and at the 26-foot geodesic grow dome that Growing Spaces is allowing our families to use as a learning lab with an important outcome — fresh, nutritious produce to harvest for meals.

That’s not all that is going on at Pagosa Springs Nurturing Family Center. Yoga for youth, gardening, nature walks, expressive art workshops for families, youth art collective classes, storytime at the library, nurturing parenting and children classes, and “See It. Stop It.” meetings for adult and youth advocates whose desire it is to live in a violence-free community, are all taking place this summer. Parents and guardians are encouraged to join their children or can relax in our new coffee meet and greet room with free Internet. (We are needing a name for our coffee meet and greet, so put your creative thinking caps on and let us know what you come up with.)

In addition to these educational and fun activities, free snacks and lunches will be available to all children 18 and under Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., and on Friday from noon-1 p.m. Kids can stay for the activities or just swing by at noon for a free, nutritious lunch. Hunger Free Colorado’s No Kid Hungry recently approved Pagosa Springs Nurturing Family Center as a site to distribute healthy snacks and lunches to all children in Archuleta County. If you would like your child to have free snacks and lunches, please call 799-2187 by May 31, June 25, and July 23, so that there will be plenty for everyone! Food is delivered at the beginning of each month from Colorado Springs.

Volunteers are always welcome to help. Your continued support is making Pagosa Springs Nurturing Family Center a success!

Pagosa Springs Nurturing Family Center is located at 802 Rosita St. and North 8th Street, directly across U.S. 160 from Ruby Sisson Library. Contact us at (970) 507-7093 or e-mail at Our new website is coming soon.

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