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Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts receives grant

The Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance (PSAA), a 501(c)3 has partnered with a new non-profit, the Thingamajig Theatre Company, to raise funds for the remodel of the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

Last week, they received news that their grant application for $2,500 from the Duncan Foundation for capital improvements had been approved.

In January alone, there is over  $713,000 in grant dollars that the Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance is eligible to apply for,  if they have confirmation of community support.  Confirmation of community support comes in the form of endorsements from public officials and businesses as well as donations or donation pledges. Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance has already raised $24,500 as well as the in-kind contributions of a professional designer worth $25,000 and the Rohrbacher LLC is paying the all the bills on the property while the construction is underway. 

In November, PSAA received ‘”he Small Steps: grant from the Colorado Creative Industries, a state agent, to help communities develop strategies for using arts and culture to diversify or strengthen local economies and to strengthen ties within and between cultural groups of their community.  Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance was able to host the Open House for the people of Archuleta County in large part due to the generosity of this grant as well as a donation from the Rohrbacher Family Charitable Trust and donations from many local restaurants.

The Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance also received a grant from Pagosa Springs Town Tourism Committee for $2,500 to market the opening of the Center for the Arts in the summer of 2011.

The Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts is an innovative partnership between non-profits and a private business who have the common goal of creating an environmentally and economically sustainable center for the arts. The private business will market and work to utilize the building during its artistically “dark” days and hours, to bring extra revenue into the partnership, while allowing the arts groups the time and energy for their artistic purposes. The privately owned building will also pay property taxes, giving back to the community, unlike the majority of performing arts centers that are built on public lands.

The Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts will market Pagosa Springs nationwide and bring people to the town year round. It will bring people who will eat in our restaurants, shop in our stores, visit our art galleries, stay in our lodging and make real estate purchases.  Studies show that art supporters tend to spend twice as much as average visitors regardless of where they are visiting.  In Denver, the investment in the arts generates a rate of return to their economy equal to 14:1. The grants that the Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance receives all contribute to the economic recovery of Archuleta County.

The Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance and the Thingamajig Theatre Company look forward to keeping the community posted on further grants and funding received.