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Open house scheduled for Pagosa Springs Arts Center

Over seven years ago, a group of people came together to work on a dream — that of the building and development of a performing arts center in Pagosa.  A place where the community could gather, where performances of all kinds could be staged, where visual arts could be displayed, where meetings could be held, where classes could be taught, where experiences could be shared. 

The Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance, a non-profit organization,  was formed with a mission:  “The Arts contribute to the color, energy, melody and meaning of life.  They are essential to the cultural enrichment of our community and its economic development.  The Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance creates opportunities to advance artistic excellence in an outstanding mountain setting that draws people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to embrace the arts.” 

The Arts Alliance created goals:  To build and manage a state-of-the-art, inspiring cultural arts and education facility to include:  performing arts theater facility; community learning classrooms; gallery; and meeting space.  PSAA contracted with the Arts Consulting Group from New York City, led by Willem Brans, Vice-President, to conduct a three-phase feasibility study for the project.  The Town, County, Region 9, and private donors collaborated in raising funds for the study, which showed that there was indeed a need for a performing arts center in Pagosa. Recent work on the project by Arts Alliance board members has resulted in a smaller, revised version of the original proposal, while keeping with our vision, goals and beliefs.  Pagosa Springs has a thriving performing and fine arts community, thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers over the past 25 or more years.  The same characteristics that make Pagosa such a desirable place to live make it a desirable place to perform — the grandeur and beauty of the natural outdoor environment, the proximity of vibrant cultures with wonderful traditions, and an eclectic mix of residents from all over the country.

 After years of work, the vision is becoming a reality. The Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance is excited to announce a collaborative venture with newcomers Tim and Laura Moore in the development of a new performing arts facility, the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts . While the Arts Alliance was working hard on their mission for Pagosa, Tim and Laura were traveling the west and the northwest parts of the country, looking for a small mountain town where they could realize their dream of opening a performing arts center and theater, welcoming and inclusive of community.  They chose Pagosa; they have moved here and are making it their home.  While searching for property, they heard about the sale of the old Paint Connection, purchased it for their theater project, and began searching for a local non-profit group to partner with.  Their research led them to the Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance — two separate but same paths traveled over the years that have come together in the creation of the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

 An open house is planned at the old Paint Connection building for Friday, Nov. 12  Watch for details of the event. 

For more information, contact Susan Neder, 731 4735.