Dear Editor:

I wanted to let everyone in town, and especially anyone directly involved with the Mike Valdez Memorial Archery Tournament, know that due to scheduling conflicts, the archery tournament we were going to host July 19-21 on Reservoir Hill has been canceled.

On that note, I personally have participated in and supported the Mike Valdez Memorial shoot. I have been honored not only get to play music there, but to participate in the archery tournament itself. The previous two years, I have taken great joy and pride in bringing the Pagosa Youth Archery Program (15-20 kids) there to shoot for the day and for some of them, it’s the highlight of their summer shooting schedule.

It was my intent to bring a large tournament to the town of Pagosa Springs. My goal was to have 500-plus shooters participate in the tournament for large cash prizes. I picked July in order to bring in some of the top shooters in the country and the chosen weekend would not conflict with other large national shoots. The Colorado State Archery Shooters Association wanted to make this the state championship since they do not host any major tournaments in southern Colorado. I hoped to bring attention to our humble mountain town and make it a fun and desirable place for shooters to want to come and compete, as well as to help boost revenue for local businesses. The only information I could find on the date for the Valdez shoot indicated there would not be a scheduling conflict. It was not until after I had begun advertising that it was brought to my attention. Because there is not another probable date to reschedule our tournament, we have decided to cancel the event so there would be no conflicts between the two. We have refunded all entry fees and have notified the vendors that wanted to participate.

We hope to host this tournament next year in July, not to interfere with the Mike Valdez Memorial shoot, and in the future we would love to work hand in hand with them. I feel that what they have accomplished and represent and the hard work that they put forth is for a great cause. It’s a wonderful community event and I, as well as the Pagosa Youth Archery Program, look forward to attending and continuing our support of their great cause.

Jeff Dysinger

This story was posted on March 14, 2013.