Dear Editor:

One of the letters to the editor in the 20 Sept. issue of the Pagosa SUN accused Mitt Romney of hastily condemning the president over the death of our ambassador and three officers assigned to Libya. The writer of the letter also stated “Republicans do not believe in measured diplomacy as a way to solve international problems.”

The fact is, the Obama Administration does not practice diplomacy, it practices appeasement. And because Obama is more sympathetic to and protective of the Muslim religion than Christianity, he is even unwilling to call what happened in Libya by what it clearly was, an attack on our diplomatic mission by radical Islamic terrorists. Rather than tell the truth, he and his lap dogs attempted to pin all the blame on an obscure video that criticized Mohammed. Then, after going through the motion of professing sadness and outrage that four Americans had been killed, he quickly resumed campaigning and fund-raising the very next morning, the only thing he has been good at during his entire term as president.

Was it proper for Romney to immediately criticize Obama’s handing of this attack on Americans? You bet, and unless and until the U.S. Government and its leaders get tough and stop apologizing for every little statement or occurrence which might somehow be found offensive to Muslims, especially those beyond our control, we will become a laughing-stock to both our allies and our enemies. Furthermore, it is absolutely outrageous that this administration, as well as previous administrations, I might add, sends billions of dollars in aid to a growing number of Muslim countries who turn around and berate and ridicule us, vote against us on issues of importance to us in the United Nations, and now, kill our officials who are sent abroad to represent us. Almost as equally unpalatable to me, and I hope to the majority of our citizenry, is our continued acquiescence in allowing an American-hater like Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, the president of Iran, to enter the U.S. and freely castigate us (and Israel) in the U.N. just as he is scheduled to do again on 26 Sept. We and the Israelis ought to flush this little piece of foul excrement down a toilet, but instead we continue to issue him a visa just so someone can’t accuse the U.S. of being prejudiced or, even worse, judgemental of a Muslim, even if he is a terrorist. Now if the author of the letter I mentioned above thinks she can convince me I’m wrong about this, I’d like to hear from her. Please tell me how continued diplomacy and appeasement, Obama-style, is going win the hearts and minds of radical Islamic terrorists bent on destroying us and Israel — and ultimately every other “infidel” around the world?

Gary Stansbury

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.