Answered prayers

Dear Editor:

A story I want to share:

It’s 2010 and a newly divorced mom of two, her oldest daughter starts kindergarten that September. She’s scared to death about how her daughter will handle all these changes in their lives. You see her daughter has high-functioning autism and ADHD. She felt helpless and a loss of control, she no longer was going to be with her daughter those eight hours to guide her to help her with things. So mom just gave it all to God.

Mom finds out that Kathy Faber is going to be her teacher. Whew, one prayer answered. Then it was decided that the daughter needed an IEP (Individualized Education Program) and needed extra help.

That is where the daughter’s angel swooped in. This angel provided consistency when mom couldn’t. The angel continued for four whole years in being the greatest advocate for this precious daughter of a single mom. So many prayers were answered. Mom is forever in debt to this angel that has helped build an amazing foundation of education and life for her daughter. Words can never express the gratitude.

That mom is me, that angel is Colleen Koneman.

Colleen, may God bless you in your new path in life and keep in touch because in 2023 when my daughter walks across the stage and receives her high school diploma, it will because of the angel that helped lay her foundation of education.

April Unger

This story was posted on June 5, 2014.