Another term

Dear Editor:

Despite constant criticism from a handful of frequent letter-writers, President Obama more than deserves re-election. I’m enthusiastically voting Obama for these reasons:

1. When he took office, the economy was on the brink of total collapse. Through the president’s economic rescue and stimulus packages , the American economy was saved from a second Great Depression.

2. President Obama saved the U.S. auto industry and many thousands of American jobs through his rescues of GM and Chrysler, while his opponent wanted to let them go bankrupt. Today, the U.S. auto industry is enjoying record sales and profits, and American manufacturing is back.

3. President Obama has created more private-sector jobs in one term than were created under either of Bush’s terms. Yes, we still need to do better, and public sector jobs are lagging — but largely because House Republicans blocked Obama ’s proposals that would have put hundreds of thousands of cops, firefighters, teachers, clerical workers and construction workers back to work.

4. When President Obama took office, we were bogged down in an ill-advised war in Iraq that cost America 4,000 lives and one trillion dollars. As promised, President Obama ended that war and brought our brave men and women home.

5. When President Obama took office, 45,000 Americans were dying every year for lack of health insurance. He secured legislation that will end that disgrace, end the practice of denying insurance or charging more for it due to pre-existing conditions, and has already increased the number of insured Americans by allowing young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance policies. Additionally, seniors have already saved $4.5 billion on prescription drugs because of the Affordable Care Act — more than $600 per senior so far this year.

6. Because of orders given by President Obama as Commander-in-Chief, Osama bin Laden and Muammar Ghaddafi are dead. Al Quaeda is decimated and has been largely driven from Afghanistan.

7. President Obama ended the shameful practice of discrimination based on sexual orientation in the U.S. armed services. Today, qualified men and women are no longer kept out of our armed services because of discrimination, and research has shown that the change has had no harmful effects on military preparedness, unit cohesion, recruitment or retention.

This is reason enough to vote to re-elect President Obama, but there is also his opponent. Governor Romney has proven himself to be utterly lacking in principle, changing his position repeatedly on health care, abortion, Social Security and many other issues. About all he hasn’t changed his position on are keeping his tax returns secret and giving additional tax breaks to his fellow multimillionaires. Add to that advertising with complete lies about President Obama, such as Romney’s ad about welfare reform, which has been thoroughly debunked by every fact-checking organization.

President Obama deserves another term; Romney does not deserve any position of public trust. I’m voting to re-elect President Obama, and for Sal Pace for Congress to give him the support he needs in Congress to keep America moving forward.

John Farley

This story was posted on October 17, 2012.