Dear Editor:

Last week, the Americana Project held another concert at the Pagosa Springs High School starring KJ Denhert, who came all the way from NYC to share her talents, and, of course, the Americana students. Once again, the students that sang their songs and played their instruments moved me. The talent I have seen coming out of the students that participate in the Americana program can and does bring a tear to my eye. The young woman whose mother had passed away just a short eight months ago said she finally wrote a song helping express what was in her soul. Her song warmed my heart, even though it was sad. Seeing Zach Brown up there not only singing his very current social, youthful and wise songs, but playing his instrument with such talent, inspired me again to keep raising money for the Americana Project. This program is worth every penny and energy put into it. It is an outlet for the students to express themselves in ways that help them grow and mature.

We will be having another fund-raiser in March/April 2014 celebrating artists in the area by having them create musical chairs. We will auction them off to the highest bidder to help continue this amazing program. Keep an eye out for the date and if you are an artist who wants to help, let Bob or myself know of your intentions.

Christine Funk

This story was posted on November 14, 2013.