Al’s dreaming and I’m scheming


I meant business, and Al went for pleasure.

I went to work, and Al went to look.

The car show came to town. We met friends for an early breakfast, then we began our walk down Lewis Street.

We’re still scaling down. Al’s has seven Karmann Ghias, a few Volkswagens and hundred of parts. We had already discussed it. My Sweet Al could never work on all those cars.

I told him, “Pick out the one you want to work on, and we need to find buyers for the rest of them. You had great aspirations once in restoring Ghias and VWs, but it’s a different day.”

As we wandered through the cars at the show and met the owners, I noticed my Sweet Al was visiting, dreaming and telling everyone about his Porsche and how it got away. It was one of those chawing moments; he was eating it up, and I wasn’t swallowing it.

At the car show, I approached a man with a Karmann Ghia. I struck up a conversation with him, and Al watched on. I found that he knew a lot about Ghia parts, where and how to make contact with these people. His job also was all about working on the Internet. Bingo: I thought I found the right guy to help us with our downsizing project.

I made a deal with this gentleman, and continued walking through the car show.

I found another gentleman with a Porsche; he had restored a wrecked one and knew all about pricing. I got his number and he said he would gladly help me get prices for these little beauties that have sat in Al’s garage for 25 years.

I was making headway.

When we met up with our friends, I was happy and excited to tell them what I had done. I had found an answer to all of Al’s car problems.

When I began to tell them, my Sweet Al stopped me and said, “You talk too much.”

“What? I was making deals for all your cars. You didn’t say a word.”

“I said, you talk too much.”

“Well, they’re your cars, I thought you might jump in and add to the conversation. You just wanted to talk about your Porsche and wished you had another one. I was making a deal.”

Al was stirring me up and I came out with fighting words.

I told my friends, “Al went to the Bug-a-Rama in Arizona. Al and his friend, Maynard, went to the car show and I enjoyed Gloria. I told Al to pick up business cards from anyone who sold Ghia parts or worked on VWs. I gave him an assignment.

“Would you believe it? After all day, being around hundreds of Volkswagen people, he came home without one single business card or even a contact.

“Well, I made a deal with a couple of people and they are going to help us.”

Al said again, “You talk to much.”

Our friend reached into her purse and pulled out a mint.

“A mint for anyone?” She deliberately brought the fever down a notch or two and we continued to look.

After the car show, I went to four antique stores to see which one would best suit my painted furniture and antiques. Al tagged along. He found a little table and wanted to buy it.

I said, “Al, we are not buying it, we have one just like it. We are downsizing. You have forgotten why we came to town.”

Then, our neighbor across the road had an entire household garage sale. Of course, being good neighbors, we needed to see what they had to sell.

They had a few things I couldn’t live without. I came home after a quick look.

Al spent the morning rummaging through stuff. He came home with a pickup load of treasures. He was as excited as a boy in a candy store. He wanted to show it to me.

Final brushstroke: The attempt to get rid of things is still on my radar, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. I’m still on a mission. I’ve declared 2013 a year of scaling down. Al’s still dreaming, and I’m still scheming about all that junk in Al’s garage.

This story was posted on June 6, 2013.