‘All the best’

Dear Editor:

Why I want the Republican Party to win the coming elections … the whole kitandkabootle. Why … why … well, because those folks who can’t distinguish good from bad deserve “all the best.”

Forget old “da Federal gov’t doesn’t exist for me” Clive Bundy’s remarks on the “Neeegroow.” Clive just exemplifies the best of the Tea Party’s appeal to dumber-than-dumb racists. A better example of our future is right after 9/11 when Congress attempted to pass legislation to assist the WTC’s first responder’s … Republicans refused to vote for it until the Democrats extended the Bush “Tax Cuts for The Rich” … just takin’ care of ‘bidness.

Global Warming … Nnnaaah, it’s not happening. Think of the fun we’ll have ignoring Mother Nature with delusional if God didn’t want it whoohey.

Womens rights … this may be where the Republicans have their work cutout for them. Seems inflation adjusted income for the ladies has increased 35 percent over the last 20 years while the guys are at -0- percent. Abortion maybe a dirty word but tell that to the head of the household who can’t feed another child.

World dominance: China … no problem, nuke’em. Russia … buy ‘em out. War-on-Drugs … heck just pour more $ trillions after bad … pay for it all by cuttin’ welfare. Education … critical thinkin’ … core skills … who needs dat … just lis’en ta us. U.S. jobs, nope … cheaper in China … oops we nuke’m?

Well you get the gist … relax, it’ll be fun. Maybe Jeb’ll run. So “load” up on the important things … enjoy the ride.

Dave Blake

This story was posted on June 5, 2014.