Accessing higher states of consciousness with angels

By Lynnzie Sutton
Special to the PREVIEW

Everyone has guardian angels, guiding us and leading us through life, whether we believe in them or not. According to a Time magazine survey, two thirds of us do believe in angels. It’s all about trusting your intuition or gut feelings. Many people feel the presence of these beings in difficult times; however, a higher purpose is to lead and inspire us to greater awareness.

Most humans experience the “wheel of life” again and again and very slowly expand their consciousness. Focus on integrating the spiritual levels through meditation and contemplation facilitates faster growth, enlightenment and exiting reincarnation.

Luminosity’s next speaker is Karl Giepieroth on “Why contact with spiritual higher vibrations like angels is so relevant to our development in consciousness.”

Giepieroth will talk about the questions around birth, rebirth and death on Monday, May 5, from 2:45-5 p.m. at the PLPOA clubhouse. We will explore enlightenment (and the myths around that), as well as the purpose of life and evolution.

Luminosity is a positive-intention group whose natural focus is awakening wisdom and how it is lived; including a new earth and new way of living that is in harmony with the planet and each other. Speaker topics include metaphysics, spirituality, natural health, energy and frequency medicine, alternative films, organic gardening and much more. Call 903-5516 to be on the email list of current month speakers. Luminosity meets at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse, 230 Port Ave.

This story was posted on May 1, 2014.