A joyful heart: Something more valuable

By Mike Davis
Special to The PREVIEW

An Army veteran was ahead of me in line at the post office. He needed to pick up medicine shipped postage paid from the VA. There was a mix-up and he needed to pay for the meds plus postage. He had no money, and even if he did, he would not be reimbursed for weeks. I offered to pay.

The vet and clerk were astonished. The vet asked for my address to send a check. I told him he paid the debt by serving our country and protecting our freedom. The feeling I experienced was more rewarding than any recognition or repayment.

God did not return the money, He gave me something more valuable, a joyful heart.

Giving takes our eyes off us and turns them outward. God provides opportunities for us to give. Generosity takes on different forms. Food, clothing, shelter and money can bless others. However, don’t forget our time. It is the most valuable thing we possess and may be the one thing God uses to change our hearts. There are local charities in need of volunteers.

A strange thing happened after my post office experience. We traveled to visit grandkids in Oklahoma. A man approached me in a fast food restaurant and asked if I would buy him a meal.

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This story was posted on December 24, 2015.