A few questions

Dear Editor:

Local elections for  county office are right around the corner. And the “most important” post (in my opinion) in the June 24 primary, is who will be on this November’s ticket for Archuleta County Sheriff.

A recent candidate who has thrown his hat in the ring for that highly demanding job is Carl Smith. The conversation in the local Pagosa coffee shop circuit begs a few questions for Mr. Smith. It might be prudent of the reader to withhold his/her vote until after the June 11 League of Women Voters Forum, when these questions are asked and answered:

Question: Why has he held, and then departed, so many different jobs in such a relatively few years? If he were to be elected, how long, then, could Archuleta County residents expect him to remain as our sheriff?

Question: Has he ever been terminated from a law enforcement position for alcohol abuse?

Question: Has he ever been in detox for an alcohol-related issue in past years or has he ever been in a rehabilitation program/facility for an alcohol-related issue anywhere in the U.S.? If the answer is “yes,” what was the length of his stay?

Question: Since 2005, how many times has he had to seek professional help due to alcohol-related problems?

These would be predominant points of concern for me if his response is “yes.” As a matter of fact, if “any” answer is “yes.” Personally, I could never support his nomination — period. I would not be comfortable nor have any piece of mind were he to win the primary, and would obviously then be our next sheriff.

Question: It wasn’t but a few years ago that he held the head jailer berth with our sheriff’s department. I recall that he only held that key position for a few months. Did he resign? Why did he suddenly depart that lucrative position?

By the impressive awards resume which he provides from the many years he was employed with the San Diego police department, why are leaders with the San Diego police not supporting him to be our sheriff? (I’m certain they haven’t all passed away.)

Yes, it is “extremely important” that a sheriff be a staunch supporter of the U.S. Constitution. However, there is a lot more involved here than just supporting the Constitution. The “character,” “honesty” and integrity of the man who the voter expects to uphold that Constitution is paramount.

I will look forward to hearing him respond to these questions at the League of Women Voters forum on June 11 — without the smooth bilge. True or false?

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on June 5, 2014.