Mama bear, the protector

By Jan Davis
Special to The PREVIEW
Papa Bear’s voice rumbled through their small home. Someone snuck in while they gathered honey from the nearby forest. Porridge spilled on the kitchen table, chairs laid broken in their cozy cave and someone slept in baby bear’s bed.
Goldilocks awoke startled and confused from her nap. She heard a growl, “Someone trashed my bed.” Out the front door she ran with Papa bear in hot pursuit. Papa Bear stirred up quite a ruckus with his authoritative voice when he discovered their little abode ransacked.
A cute fairytale enjoyed by preschoolers, but, in reality, it’s Mama Bear who protects her cubs from harm. No one wants to face off with an angry mama. You mess with them and you mess with her.
Over the years, I’ve been the outraged mama and protected my children with the same ferociousness of a female bear. I became their defender and protector. They saw me in action and understood not to underestimate my strength when provoked. They grew taller in stature, but appreciated the fact no one challenges Mama and wins.
I dedicated my children to the Lord, taught them Bible stories and guided them into a relationship with Jesus. But, when it came time to pass the torch to God, his plan and purpose for their life, I couldn’t let go.
I made it my responsibility to alleviate the crisis. I rose to the cause when they experienced grief. I rescued them from painful situations, mended broken hearts and promised to always be there. Rather than permit God to be God in their lives, I fixed their problems.
This stunted their spiritual growth and thwarted their relationship with God. As long as Mama patched up things, they didn’t need Him.
Someone once told me, “There is a God and you’re not Him.” As a mama bear, it’s hard to accept someone greater than yourself in your little cubs’ lives. But, because of Jesus, there is.
“He will not let your foot be moved, he who keeps you will not slumber.” — Psalms 121:3 (RSV).
I love you, but Jesus loves you more.

This story was posted on June 8, 2018.