‘Moon Over Buffalo’ entering final weekend

By Audrey Layne Crocker
Special to The PREVIEW

Going into the fourth and final weekend of “Moon Over Buffalo,” audiences have been delighted and surprised by the speed and genuine hilarity presented onstage.

Thingamajig Theatre Company’s production has proven that a farce can capture the attention of an audience member and take them on a wild ride moment to moment as the story reveals surprises left and right. “Moon Over Buffalo” does all of these things, delivered with truthful performances that take the comedy to an even higher level.

A common myth about comedies, whether on television, on stage or in a stand-up environment, is that it is an easier form of performance than the sometimes very emotionally demanding drama. Because the purpose is to bring an audience to laughter, one assumes that it is easier than bringing an audience to tears. The physical reactions to comedies leave an audience with endorphins and joy that was conjured carefully and concisely by a highly rehearsed cast.

Moment to moment in a comedy, the truth must be paramount. If a man is wailing at the loss of an opportunity, but you don’t believe him, it isn’t funny. When someone is caught red-handed and trying to cover their tracks in a play, but you know the actor is on auto-pilot, the gag doesn’t work. The delicate balance of rehearsing a comedy so that the timing is exactly right, but the characters are discovering each new surprise along with the audience, is an incredibly elusive one to strike.

Don’t miss “Moon Over Buffalo,” the perfectly balanced and timed farce. Visit pagosacenter.org or call 731-SHOW for tickets and information.

This story was posted on January 29, 2016.