Kitty Tom, supreme mouse catcher

By Jan Davis
Special to The PREVIEW

The stray cat showed up one day, abandoned and alone. The kids named him Kitty Tom. He could be found in the porch swing napping, heard at night as he prowled the neighborhood, or seen wandering off into the nearby woods.

After a successful hunting trip, he brought his kill to the back door and howled until the kids praised him. He then strolled off behind the garage to enjoy his dinner.

Kitty Tom was an outdoor cat and only allowed inside when a mouse was on the loose. He ambled in the back door, stalked his prey, caught it and left without a backward glance. He held the status of supreme mouse catcher.

The kids caught grasshoppers in the summer to feed Kitty Tom. He rubbed against their legs in appreciation before strolling off with a full tummy to find a warm spot for a nap. A baby bird had fallen from its nest and been rescued. It was safe in a shoe box until Kitty Tom appeared. The sly cat approached the box while the kids were distracted catching insects. Tweets filled the air as the baby bird floundered in the cat’s mouth. It was too late, the guilty cat walked off to enjoy his lunch.

Kitty Tom lived his nine lives hunting, napping and prowling around. Along the way he suffered scrapes, bruises and broken bones. Nothing kept him down. He was a survivor. His eyesight began to fail and he didn’t hear as well as he once did, but that didn’t stop him. Kitty Tom was 19 when he headed out for his final hunt.

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This story was posted on August 27, 2015.