2015: A year of purging

By Jan Davis
Special to The PREVIEW

A lot of trash made it to the curb this year. When I look back over 2015, our family got rid of a lot of garbage. It was a year of purging. I discovered we all collect junk. Things we don’t need and things we think we need.

Our son, Travis, went through a season of humility. Pride made it to the curb. We helped move his precious family from Alabama to Texas in July. Their home was small and they discovered they could live without a lot of stuff. They are packing again and moving to Oklahoma after the first of the year. God brought him full circle and back to his roots. It will be easier this time. They’ve learned to put their trust in God. Will there be more purging? Probably.

Our son-in-law, Adam, took a six-month job in Oklahoma in January. Our daughter, Andria, and family, stayed behind in Alabama. Family values were tested and a marriage was strengthened. Doubt made it to the curb. They learned not to second guess God and settled into life in the south. A family became stronger.

Our daughter, Carla, went through a divorce this year. A lot of trash made it to the curb. A thorough purging was needed. We sorted through garages, closets, boxes and files. An accumulation of 20 years of stuff. Lies and deception made it to the curb. The year 2016 will be a year of rebuilding on a foundation of truth. We learned less is better. Things that were harder to discard didn’t quite make it to the curb in 2015.

My brother, JR, was diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer in the fall. Guilt and regret made it to the curb. It was replaced with hope and heartfelt memories. Life is too precious to discard or take for granted.

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This story was posted on December 31, 2015.