Curtains Up Pagosa holding auditions for ‘Beehive’

If you have ever enjoyed singing along to the legendary songs of the 1960s, now is your chance to put your hidden talents to good use.

Curtains Up Pagosa is looking for women singers to audition for a role in a small ensemble cast for its holiday production of “Beehive.”

Audition for the role of a lead or a backup singer on Friday, Sept. 26. Call Dale Johnson at 731-3370 for an appointment. The ability to sing harmony and some dancing skills are required.

“Beehive” is a delightful musical walk down memory lane, recalling the music and styles that defined the 1960s (remember the “beehive” hairdo?). Don’t be shy. Make an appointment to demonstrate your singing skills.

Curtains Up Pagosa is a nonprofit community musical theater organization that uses its proceeds to benefit students in the performing arts and to support school arts programs. Volunteers are needed in many areas of the organization. For more information on how to become involved, go to

This story was posted on September 25, 2014.