Lecture offered on near-death experiences

Special to The PREVIEW

As a part of their Lenten emphasis on contemplative spirituality, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church will present guest speaker Dr. Pam Kircher on Thursday, March 20, at 1:30 p.m. She will be discussing the topic of near-death experiences.

Though many are still skeptical of such reports, more and more people have come forward to attest to having had a near-death experience.

Kircher will be speaking from her own personal experience and from her research on the topic as a hospice care physician. Her book, “Love is the Link,” brings to light the long-lasting effects of near-death experiences on those who have encountered them and discusses the variety of other mystical experiences that she has uncovered through her research.

At age 6, Kircher had a near-death experience when she battled a case of meningitis. It was many years later before she understood what happened or felt it was safe to discuss the experience.

Though the phenomenon had been documented in the past, most in the medical profession looked upon it as a psychological anomaly and did not take it seriously.

However, as a doctor, the experience strongly influenced Kircher’s patient care strategies and she felt that it was important to share this with her peers. As she gradually became bolder about sharing her own experience, she found more and more people who had also encountered a near-death experience.

Her work as a private practice physician gradually became more difficult due to new insurance regulations. As she came to the conclusion it was time to close her practice, the door opened for a position as a hospice care physician. As she cared for and counseled people who were in the last stages of life, she witnessed firsthand many forms of mystical experiences.

Her research and experience is documented in her book, which will be the basis of her talk. The book is available in book or e-book form.

In advance of Kircher’s lecture, discussion classes on the book will be led by Sally Neel and Sandy Artzberger for any who wish to attend. They will be held at the church on March 4 and 11 (Sally Neel); and March 6 and 13 (Sandy Artzberger). Please sign up with the church office by calling 731-5801.

Kircher’s lecture and discussion is open to the public free of charge. St. Patrick’s is located at 225 S. Pagosa Blvd.

This story was posted on March 6, 2014.