Christmas — starting point of a new life

By Jon Duncan
Special to The PREVIEW

“Christmas time is here, Happiness and cheer

“Fun for all that children call Their favorite time of the year

“Snowflakes in the air, Carols everywhere

“Olden times and ancient rhymes Of love and dreams to share

“Sleigh bells in the air, Beauty everywhere

“Yuletide by the fireside And joyful memories there

“Christmas time is here, We’ll be drawing near

“Oh, that we could always see Such spirit through the year

“Oh, that we could always see Such spirit through the year …”

Vince Guaraldi’s familiar words featured in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” seem to fit Pagosa very well. The new-fallen snow has made our beautiful corner of Colorado almost magical, and the frigid temperatures keep us close by the fire — as much as we are able.

Christmas is fast approaching; the music on the radio and television programming reminds us of this daily.

Why do we celebrate Christmas? What is the reason why we make so much of this holiday?

It is to help us remember; busy, distracted, preoccupied people need to be reminded of the great events in history. And there is no greater event in all of human history than the birth of Jesus centuries ago. The Almighty stepping into His created world in order to reveal Himself to a race that could never possibly know Him otherwise. An infinite God who revealed Himself to Abraham in the glory cloud of the covenant ceremony, to Moses in the burning bush, to the Israelites in the pillar of fire in the wilderness, to the nation of Israel in the Tabernacle and again in the Temple. An infinitely holy God who was willing to meet sinful man on a level never before imagined — not just between the cherubim above the mercy seat behind the thick veil in the holy of holies of both the Tabernacle and again in the Temple, but now in the Person of the God-Man, Jesus Christ, Messiah, Savior of the world. An event that goes against the laws of nature, against all that we as humans could even imagine — God becoming Man? To reveal Himself to us that we might come to know Him intimately and personally? To enable us to begin to understand His desire for us to become members of His family and move to heaven when we leave this earth? To make it possible for us to approach the Creator of the universe without fear of rejection or destruction? To offer to us here and now the promise of the very Spirit of God to live in us, guiding us to the peace, joy and contentment that we all spend our life looking for?

It was — and continues to be — the single greatest event in the history of mankind: that God Himself was willing to come to earth, be born of a virgin, live a sinless life, and die a criminal’s death — all for us.

Our prayer is that this event is more to you than just the story that is told at Christmas; may it be the starting point of your new life through faith in the risen Savior who was that very babe in the manger just years before.

Come join us at Centerpoint Church as we celebrate the miraculous event of the Incarnation this Christmas season as revealed in the Word of God, including our candlelight service, which will begin at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Our services begin each Sunday at 10:15 a.m. throughout December. They will be filled with the songs and scriptures of the season, and offered with all the warmth and wonder that you remember from your childhood. We would love to welcome you into our family, sing the Christmas songs and study the Christmas story with you, and wonder together at the greatest event our world will ever see.

This story was posted on December 12, 2013.